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  • Daily app rankings by countries
  • Details for every app in every store
  • App ratings and reviews
  • Sentiment Analysis of reviews
  • Complete details on publishers

AppEverything gives you every morsel of raw data from the App Stores of your choice.

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-= Who uses AppEverything? =-

Market Research

Large companies trying to understand the fast-moving app world

  • Watch industry trends
  • Combine with their proprietary data

& Higher Ed.

Graduate students researchers are using AppEverything data to:

  • Analyze industry trends
  • Discover insights on market/pricing

Service/SDK Providers

Those offering services to App Developers

  • Fill sales pipelines with qualified leads
  • Save time on research & data entry

Why AppMonsta?

  • Data from App Stores combined with data from the social web
  • Accurate data - no filler, no guesswork, no triangulation
  • Custom frequency and country offerings
  • Multiple formats for easy integration

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Concentrate on finding insights from
the data, not collecting it

We specialize in the collection of this data - a messy business that requires regular vigilance to collect reliably and hourly quality checks to be assured of its accuracy.

Our clean, consistent data formats are ready for import and analysis using the tools of your choice allowing you to focus on finding the insights most valuable to your business.

$299/mo & up


Basic App Details 15k+ Apps 1M+ Apps
Full App Details 1M+ Apps
Full Ranking Lists 15k+ Apps 1M+ Apps
Customer Reviews Review Counts Everything
Sentiment AnalysisNEW 15k+ Apps 1M+ Apps
Publisher Details 5k+ Publishers 250k+ Publishers
Full Contact Details 5k+ Publishers 250k+ Publishers
Frequency Weekly Daily, Weekly, Monthly
Stores Included iPhone, iPad, Android, Chrome iPhone, iPad, Android, Chrome

$299/mo & up

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