Gain big advantages
with Big Data.

  • Discover Developers & Publishers
  • Gauge Traction and Growth
  • Research Categories and Niches
  • Find High Potential, Emerging Apps
  • Predict the Next Killer App

AppInsights is a powerful spreadsheet filled with 15k+ rows of cutting-edge app data - easy to use in Excel.

Both powerful
& intuitive to use

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-= Who uses AppInsights? =-

Investors in Mobile

Angels and VCs alike use our data for deal discovery and due diligence.

  • Judge growth/traction by app and by publisher
  • Compare competing apps in a specific niche
  • Predict success with early indicators of virality
  • Discover early trends in categories and niches
    ie. photo sharing, video sharing etc.

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Publishers of Apps

Mobile app and game publishers of all sizes are using AppInsights to:

  • Compare performance with competing apps
  • Find standout apps with features to emulate
  • Watch trending apps in specific categories
  • Position new apps and games by niche

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Service Providers

Companies that offer great tools (SDKs) and services to Publishers / Developers

  • Fill pipeline with our new Outreach package
  • Discover qualified leads
    ie. Devs with 10+ apps, 10k+ Ratings etc.
  • Save time on publisher research & data entry
  • Import data right into Salesforce or Highrise

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-= Features to help you unlock insights =-

Sort Apps Quickly

  • Filter out what you don't want
  • Easily combine filtering with sorting
  • Sort and filter on any of 30 columns
  • Filter by keywords, categories, publishers
Shown at left:
Sorting of data to show those apps surging in overall gross this week (notice DrawSomething)

Filter and Refine

Shown at right:
Filtering the sorted data to show only Arcade & Action games

Visualize Big Data

  • Find trends and outliers
  • Match curves to plotted data
  • All the power of charts in Excel
Shown at left:
Curve matched to plot of Percent Passionate Reviews vs. Avg. Rating

Custom Algorithms

Shown at right:
The algorithm that found Draw-Something 2 weeks early!

Exuberance IndexNEW

  • Predict virality / word-of-mouth sharing
  • Use in your custom algorithms
  • Part of our new Sentiment Analysis
Shown at left:
The Android apps with the most exuberant user reviews. (Data from early July - 100+ reviews)

Crash IndexNEW

Shown at right:
Android apps with high volumes of technical issues (Data from early July - 100+ reviews)

Addiction IndexNEW

  • Identify 'stickiness' and retention
  • Predict virality / word-of-mouth sharing
  • Use in your custom algorithms
  • Part of our new Sentiment Analysis
Shown at left:
Android apps with high addictiveness (Data from early July - 100+ reviews)


with 12 mo subscription


with 12 mo subscription


with 12 mo subscription
Full App Details Included Included Included
Ranking Lists Included Included Included
Customer Response Included Included Included
Sentiment AnalysisNEW Included Included Included
Algorithm Builder Included Included Included
Basic Contacts Included Included
Full Contact Details Included
Publisher Basic All developers with a Top 100 app All developers with a Top 500 app All developers with a Top 500 app
+ every new developer this week
Publisher Advanced All developers with a Top 500 app
+ every new developer this week
Frequency Weekly Weekly Weekly
Number of Apps

Top 3,000+

Top 15,000+

Top 15,000+

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