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We specialize in gathering data about apps - let us do the hard work to supply you with high quality data day in and day out.

Our clean, consistent data is ready for use in your favorite tools, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Who uses AppMonsta?

App Search &
Recommendation Engines

App Search

AppMonsta data powers millions of searches each month

  • Focus on building your core algorithms
  • Keep your database of apps up to date
  • Process fast, accurate, daily database updates

Phone Manufacturers
& Carriers

Phone Manufacturers

Fortune 500 companies power their mobile experiences with AppMonsta

  • Increase app discovery
  • Recommend apps for a better new phone first use experience

Market Research

Market Research

Top research firms power their mobile app reports with AppMonsta

  • Track market trends
  • Annotate mobile user data with app store metadata

Health Care Analysts


Used by top healthcare organizations to identify apps to prescribe to patients

  • Identify apps with a strong track record
  • Focus on apps that improve patient wellbeing



Leading app store developers use AppMonsta to get ahead in the market

  • Track competitors
  • Identify market expansion opportunities



Used by Top Sand Hill Road VCs

  • Identify potential investment opportunities
  • Compare competing apps in a specific niche
  • Discover early trends in app niches and categories

Global Coverage

AppMonsta excels in collecting data about apps across a broad number of countries. We currently collect data about apps in 155 countries, with full coverage depending on our customer needs.

Need more information about our global coverage?

Why AppMonsta?

  • Daily app rankings for 155 countries
  • App pricing, availability and details for every Android and iOS app in the app store
  • App ratings and reviews
  • Sentiment Analysis for over 640,000,000 reviews
  • Accurate data - no filler, no guesswork, no triangulation
  • Complete details on all app publishers
  • Hands on integration support - we take the time to make our customers successful
  • Unlimited seats - no per seat pricing

The app store API you always wanted

Crawl the app stores without getting your knees dirty


AppMonsta collects data


You download data from the API


Power your product

Our crawlers run continually on thousands of machines crawling 10+ million pages per day.

Downloading the freshest app market data from our servers has never been easier.

You use app market data to power your app service or market analysis.

Meet the REST API

App data with one line of code

curl '' \
-u '{ApiKey}:X'


The country you'd like to get app metadata for.


The date you'd like to get app metadata for.

Access today's data or over 6 years of historical data.

Meet the JSON data

App data that's easy to parse

AppMonsta API Data

    "app_name": "Angry Birds",
    "description": "The survival of the Angry Birds...",
    "downloads": "100,000,000 - 500,000,000",
    "icon_url": "",
    "price": "Free",
    "publisher_email": "",
    "publisher_url": "",

Your System


Angry Birds

Free • 100M - 500M

The survival of the Angry Birds...

We speak your language

We designed AppMonsta for developers like you who want to build applications on top of app store data. That's why AppMonsta supports a rich REST API that's easy to access using your favorite programming language. Use the tools you know, and rock the app world.


Sync your database

Our API is designed to allow you to maintain your own database of all the apps in the app stores to power your product. Download a full list of all apps once, and then keep it up to date with only the new and updated apps each day.



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